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Brazil hopes for zero deforestation by 2028

Previously at the white house climate summit in April, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro presented a zero-deforestation goal by 2030.

On Monday, Vice President Hamilton Mourão told the foreign press a 2-year acceleration of the 2030 program and hoping for a zero deforestation by 2028.

“A more ambitious goal in terms of reducing illegal deforestation in a shorter time would be, in my opinion, extremely welcome by the international community,” said the vice president mourao.

Based on a previous report by Brazilian space agency, satellites showed that amazon had record low wild fires in compression to the same months of the last year.

In September at UN, president announced his administration doubled the efforts and regulations on protecting the rain forest, hoping for a less damage to this rain forest.

These plans and promises are happening while the WMO scientists reported that most parts of amazon is no longer capturing the greenhouse gas emissions but in contrast due to wild fires and deforestation, they are adding more CO2 to the atmosphere than ever.   



Photo: Pok Rie