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  • a lamp which represents energy

    What is EER and how is it calculated?

    Something that many people fail to consider when heating, or cooling, their home or place of work is the EER of the devices they intend to use. This is largely because most people haven’t heard of EER to start with!   What is EER? EER is an acronym for “Energy…

  • Violence in Cameron shows the first effects of water scarcity - nopolluting

    Violence in Cameron shows the first effects of water scarcity

    In areas around the world where water is scarce, people have to ration their water use. Unfortunately, in some places such as Cameron, this isn’t enough and people go without necessary water supplies. It’s important to understand what water scarcity is, how it affects people and the environment, and what…

  • food waste - nopolluting

    Food waste in America is 1/3 of the country’s total food supply

    Wasted food is not only a major environmental issue, but also a social justice issue. As the world’s population continues to grow, it is increasingly important that we find ways to use all of the food that is produced. Unfortunately, according to UNEP (UN Environment program), about 17% of global…

  • nuclear energy power plant - nopolluting

    Nuclear energy is renewable, but is it clean too?

    Nuclear energy is a controversial topic. It has been debated for decades as to whether or not nuclear energy should be used as an alternative, renewable form of power. While some people are afraid that nuclear energy will cause harm and destruction on a massive scale, others believe it is…

  • micro plastic in fish - nopolluting

    Micro plastic in fish

    Now days, everywhere that you look, you can find at least one product that is related to plastic in some way.  Plastic is made from toxic chemicals that are harmful for both environment and our health and can cause damages which will take many years to repair (Hopefully!). When large…

  • Air pollution affects children the most - nopolluting

    Air pollution affects children the most

    Air pollution is a growing problem in our world today. From Delhi to U.S, almost every major city is facing air pollution in some way. There are many different sources of air pollution, but it’s often caused by fossil fuels and industrial processes which release greenhouse gas emissions into our…