What are chives ?

Chives are tasty – green herbs which have been used in Europe and Asia for hundreds of years and can be found in many places around the world. what makes chives interesting is their great health benefits and ease of use.

What are the health benefits of chives ?

Chives are natural sources of fiber , calcium , magnesium and vitamins like  A , K ,C. 

Chives are great natural medicines for immune system and they are also great at keeping your heart , eyes and lungs  healthy.

if you always feel tired using chives will boost your energy and keep you fresh for the rest of your day  

How to use them ?

in north America , people usually use chives in salads in their raw form , on the other hand eastern countries usually consume them boiled or fried. 

after harvesting , you can use your fresh chives in this delicious recipe below