What is cress ?

Garden cress (also known as Lepidium sativum) is an eastern Mediterranean plant which is widely being used in United States , Italy , Spain , France , India and middle east. cress has been used as an important medicinal plant since the Vedic era so it has both medical and edible use.       

What are the health benefits of Cress ?

Cress is a great source of vitamin C , vitamin A  , fiber , calcium and iron.

Cress is also high in protean which makes it a great plant for weigh loss.

The fiber inside the cress seeds are so beneficial for gastro intestinal diseases too. 

How to use it ?

as we mentioned before , cress has both medical and edible uses so its great to use them both in your dishes and even in their raw form. 

we also provided you great recipes so that you can enjoy cooking them as well as growing them