According to an assessment released on Thursday by UNEP (UN Environmental program)

We are going to have plastic pollution in ocean, land and even our bodies 2 times more than before by 2030

Every nation agrees that plastic is damaging our health, environment, economy and so on but this assessment shows that plastic is also a climate problem.

the greenhouse gas emission of plastic in 2015 was estimated around 1.5 gigatons.

by 2050 this number is set to increase to 6.5 gigatons.  

The report also noted that recycling and replacing alternatives such as bio plastic and bio degradable is not going to be a solution and they will just add more damage to the planet.

The assessment calls for “immediate reduction of production, consumption and encourages a transformation across the whole value chain.”

85% of total marine litter is plastic and by 2040 this number is set to triple.

This basically means more plastic will be ingested by marine life, land life and even us.

Plastic products contain harmful-chemical additives. Ingesting or inhaling micro and Nano plastic can Cause numerous health problems for human body such as hormone-related cancers, infertility and neurodevelopment disorders like ADHD and autism.

Based on UN News, The report will inform discussions at the UN Environment Assembly in 2022.

Photo: Tom fis