French farmers took to the streets of Dijon on Friday, December 15, to protest their frustration over delayed subsidies. The demonstration, organized by Les Jeunes Agriculteurs de Côte-d’Or, saw around 250 farmers from Côte-d’Or, Nièvre, and Jura gathering at the Toison-d’Or roundabout before parading towards the headquarters of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Regional Council.

The Root of the Anger: Delayed European Subsidies
At the heart of the farmers’ discontent lies the delay in the disbursement of European subsidies. The state had transferred the handling of files from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (FEADER) to the Regional Council.

Farmers have been eagerly awaiting the much-needed subsidies for their survival for a year and a half.

Manure Protest Escalates at Regional Council

As the convoy of tractors reached the Regional Council building on Boulevard Trémouille, the demonstration took a vivid turn. Farmers, fueled by frustration, unloaded manure at the entrance of the Council and hurled eggs to symbolize their discontent. The scene prompted heightened security measures before the Regional Council’s headquarters.

In response to the farmers’ protest, elected officials, including MPs and senators, came forward and called for a meeting with the protestors.

Following the meeting, government representatives committed to assisting in processing the backlog of 600 pending files. Additionally, the Region pledged to cover the financial expenses with banks promptly.