jason mraz , a celebrity who became vegan to support his friend

talented singer, songwriter, and producer Jason Mraz who is famous for his song “I’m yours” has an interesting journey in veganism.

As he mentioned in an interview with vegetarian time, one of his band members was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and his doctor advised him to choose a plant-based diet in order to control his disease. so his great friend ( our beloved Jason ) acted as a supporter and turned vegan with him. his journey did not stop there, Jason is now following a raw vegan diet and he is loving it.

As a lucky person, Jason turned out to build his studio on an avocado farm so at the moment not only he is following a raw-vegan diet but also he is producing his own food, superorganic and fresh.

In recent years he is giving amazing vegan recipes mostly avocado-based, that’s reasonable for a person who owns an avocado farm.

He also loves his blender, he mentioned in so many interviews that he carries his blender with himself almost everywhere.because he is mostly on tours and time is an important factor a life saving and fast meal for every vegan is a green smoothie filled with lots of greens and nutritional ingredients such as chia seed or flaxseed. so he drags his blender everywhere with him so he can have his VEGAN meal at any time.

He is in love with farming

He loves when it is time to dig a new row in the garden or it is time to turn over the soil or to dig a hole to plant a new tree. The reason he loves this hard work is that he believes that the rest is just up to the patients. he mentions: “Now, literally seeing the fruits of the labor, it has taught me how to be patient in every other field that I work in. The reason why I love the labor so much is that at the end of that day you can see progress; whereas, otherwise you have to wait an entire season or at least a couple of weeks to see some progress.”


The impact his diet has on his music

In this topic let’s just hear everything in his own words.

He was asked in an interview with naked food magazine about the influence his diet had on his music and this was his answer:

” It has added lightness to the music. It has added a spirit to the music. It has added an awareness of nature, and it has also added “groundedness”. All those are qualities of whole foods. When you eat them, you are going to feel light, grounded, connected to nature, and connected to spirits because your energy inside your body is going to be flowing the way that it naturally can. I feel that it definitely has had an impact on my music.

That flows over into my music as well because I want my music to also be of service. I just don’t want to be out there for the sake of consuming or to offer some quick product for somebody to consume. A lot of music nowadays is made that way. It is made to consume quickly and then you have to move on. I wanted the music to be of service for the soul, to the mind, and to the heart, and I think that is also a reflection of the transformations I’ve had through food.”

naked food magazine