What is purslane ?

Purslane is an Asian herb but has spread to all around the world. purslane is often mistaken with weed there for a lot of farmers don’t pay much attention to it  but by knowing more about this delicious herb , you’ll enjoy both medical and edible aspects of it.  

What health benefits does purslane have ?

Using purslane as medicine has a long history. from Chinese and Australian natives using purslane on their traditional medicine to luxury beauty salons , all using purslane as its great health benefits.

purslane is a great plant based source of omega 3 and it has great amount of nutrients like iron , magnesium , fiber , potassium , calcium and vitamins like A , B , C 

How to use purslane ?

you can both eat purslane in raw or cooked form. using purslane in salads, juices, sandwiches, stews, sauces are very commune.  

here is a recipe that you can use your purslane with and enjoy your fresh harvesting