Vegan diet is one of the best solutions for our planet

Our earth is struggling with global warming, air pollution, water pollution, hunger, deforestation and a lot of things that are all included in our website.

Now here comes the fact that vegan diet can resolve all of this problems but how?

veganism decreases global warming

Meat and dairy production is one the main reasons of greenhouse gas production, greenhouse gasses cause global warming so by eliminating the consumption of meat and dairy we will decrease the amount of these gases.

But why meat and dairy production causes global warming?

The main cause of deforestation is turing jungles to farms so farmers can feed their animals. Every day rainforests are turning to farms. each second that passes a part of a rainforest to the size of a football filed is being disappeared from our planet, if we turn it to just one day it will be 510,000,000 meter of rainforest  disappearing.

Most of the grains are fed to farm animals and not humans. so basically we turn our sources of oxygen to sources of carbon dioxide and methane, if we eliminate the consumption of meat and dairy there will be no need for more farms however if we want to feed the world population with plant based foods we definitely need less fields and by doing so there will be no deforestation for producing our food. More tree means more oxygen and less carbon dioxide. So by just taking a simple step we can save our planet. 

Vegan diet combats the world hunger

As crazy as it may sound if we all turn vegan we can help people that are starving in the world. you may ask how? Most foods that are produced are not eaten by humans and they are given to farm animals. about 700 million tons of food is given to livestocks and most lands are set aside for raising farm animals. So what if this amount of food was shared with people in need? it could be a life changer for everyone. But most people choose to eat meat and they don’t even know if they stop eating one simple thing they can help hundreds of people who are starving.

On the other hand we should also consider people who consume fish. Our oceans are being wiped of fishes and fishing boats are causing water pollution. so by turning vegan not only we stop deforestation but only we save our eco-system. 

Veganism cleans the water and soil

Farm animals feed must be grown fast, in order to do so they need tons of chemicals to increase their growth. After that these chemicals find their ways to waterways and they pollute the water. There are some areas that are completely devoid of life and they are called dead zones. there are more than 400 dead zones across america. Evidence shows that these areas can heal themselves if animal agricultures disappear.

Raising food for life stock also weakens the soil because of the chemical fertilizers used in producing grains and the amount of the minerals that are in soil get less after each harvest and the soil needs to rest but due to the demand of grains the area will not have that time so after a few years that field can not be used. And this will lead to even more deforestation.

Veganism conserves water

In order to produce grains for livestock we waste tons of water that can be given to people who do not have access to drinking water. It takes  100 to 200 times more water to raise 0.5kg of beef than it does to raise a pound of plant foods. So by choosing plant food meals not only you help the environment but also you help other human beings. 

Veganism cleans our air

Animal farming releases millions of harmful particles into the air every year. As an study shows in America, if each american just swap one meal of chicken to a plant based or vegetarian meal air pollution will reduce like we removed more than 500,000 cars from the streets.

Each animal has its own carbon footprint and the fact is the only greenhouse gas is not just carbon, Nitrous Oxide is the other gas produced by meat and dairy industries, meat and dairy industries are responsible for air pollution, the amount of air pollution that is produced by these industries is equal to all pollution that is produced by our transportation vehicles.such as cars, ships, planes and other public transportations.

According to a study  the meat, egg and dairy industries account for 65% of the world’s nitrous oxide emissions, a greenhouse gas that is 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide. And again by choosing vegan diet we can redue air pollution

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