Virtual Nature

What is virtual nature?

We all love nature but sometimes we are so busy with daily life that we can’t head out to nature and enjoy it. But this can’t stop the need to be in nature.

Virtual nature is a compound of pure nature sound made as a video.

How is it made?

In this segment we created nature sounds by using 3D and 8D sound effects to bring real nature to your homes, all you need to do is grab your headphones, close your eyes imagine you are in nature, and find a quiet place to listen to them. 

When and where can you listen?

Every Saturday we upload a new video on our youtube channel and here, each video has a unique atmosphere and you will have new experiences every week.


  1. make sure you are using your headphones because without them it’s just a normal sound
  2. make sure you find a quiet place for listening. (our suggestion is to listen to them before you go to sleep)

virtual nature number one

Virtual nature number two

Virtual nature number three