Why do we love cats and dogs but eat pigs and sheep?


Have you ever thought why we love cats and dogs but eat pigs and sheep ?

Cats and dogs are men’s bestfriends but can we give cows, sheep, pigs and chickens a chance too?

In this article we want to open your eyes so you can see all animals are equal.

Here are four reasons why we should treat all animals as the same as our pets:

1.You don’t want to be a hypocrite:

If you consider yourself an animal lover and someone who is against animal cruelty, but still you eat chicken or other animals you are a hypocrite, because on what logic you have the right to kill and abuse one animal and love the other one and refuse to eat it?

No one with a sane mind will ever enjoy a video or a news about animal cruelty. but the problem with our society is that so many people are in denial that the food they are eating (meat or dairy) is based on animal cruelty and animal abuse. once you open your eyes and see the truth you will understand that your daily meals are just based on animal cruelty. and if you don’t want to fool yourselves or be a hypocrite you will stop eating meat and dairy.

This video by joey carbstrong is a proof that most of us are hypocrites without knowing


Animal photo created by wirestock – www.freepik.com

Think about it in this way: if someone offers you a roasted swan or cat’s milk you will defiantly refuse to eat them. But why? just because chickens are bereded in massive numbers in factory farms ,does it gives us the right to eat them? what if cats were bereded in factory farms and we could bought them as minced cat’s meat or cat’s milk? or in the case of china they actually mass breed dogs for some of their festivals so they can roast them. As we saw in recent years there were so many movements against the dog eating festival in china and somehow they were able to put some regulations on it and in some cities it was totally banned. but here comes the question that why everyone did so much for stopping dog eating in china but do nothing for other species?

If by reading these few lines you feel disgusted it means your mindset can be changed, you just have to think of cow, sheep, chickens and pigs in the same way as you do of your pets. In real life there is no difference between them. They are all kind, friendly, loveable and innocent animals that need to be loved by us and not get slaughtered and abused.

3.They want to live and be loved too


Every creature’s first instinct is to stay away from danger and live a long life, this applies to all animals, whether the ones we usually eat or the ones in wild. It is irrational to think that a lamb or a chicken is ok to be slaughtered. There are tons of evidence that shows all animals feel pain and fear like we do. There are footages all over the internet that shows animals such as sheep, cows or pigs are trying to scape slaughter houses or gas chambers. these videos show that they want to live like we do. So what gives us the right to take someone’s life for our pleasure? Just because we want to have a 5minute meal we should not end someone’s life. We could simply swap meat with plant-based sources like beyond burger that gives the same pleasure like meat but it’s cruelty free.

All animals also feel love and they want to be loved, we’ve all seen pictures of cows and pigs who act exactly like dogs and cats. They recognize their names, their owners and they want to be pet. we should just stop seeing these animals as food and start loving them as we do for the rest them. Just because we were forced  the wrong habıt of eatıng them does not mean we should keep this habit.

Now we reach the point of our eating meat habit!

4. Eating meat and dairy is just a wrong habit


As we were growing up our parents made us eat meat and dairy based on falls beliefs, such as you need meat for protein or milk and cheese make your bones stronger. Some of us might have refused eating them but our parents forced us to do so. After a short while eating them became a habit for us and we started liking the taste and all. Like all habits eating meat and dairy is hard to get rid of, but we are intellectual beings and by learning more we can overcome our wrong beliefs and habits.

We are in 21st century where we are facing horrible consequences of eating meat and dairy, it is up to us to change all wrong habits and turn vegan.

Here’s a video of a child who refuses eating octopus  cause he knows in his heart the poor octopus was alive and had to be killed for him to have a meal.

This article was inspired by beautiful speeches and work of two powerful vegan actvisits; Joey carbstrong and Earthling Ed.

Joey carbstrong


Earthling Ed