About Us

Global warming, plastic pollution, air pollution and a lot more that we may not know yet . these are the legacies that humans are leaving for future generation.

Our plan

Nopolluting helps you see every aspect of nature. raising awareness about the damages that we are forcing on nature and showing a true clean solution about these environmental issues is our main goal.

we believe by being an unbiased news website, we can have a role in fighting against Green washing, blame shifting and many more covers that pollutant companies are using in order to get away from taking responsibility about their actions.  

We also need your help

Saving and protecting the planet can not be Done if  We all don’t participate on it.

realizing that there is no “Planet B” for us is the first Step.

Feeling and acting responsible are two main strategies that we should have, if we hope for a better future.

Educating new generations is also very important. if our children do not have the proper knowledge about how to protect the planet, all of our actions will be wasted and we will end up in the same pollution loops as we are today. 

Remember it’s not easy being Green !