Global warming , plastic pollution , air pollution , sea pollution , land pollution , deforestation , climate change and a lot more that we may not know yet . these are the legacies that humans are leaving for future generations .

What can we do about it? Can we save our earth for future generations ?


Our story

In 2020 Nopolluting group found a new approach towards environmental issues. every day we see all types of environmental NGOs trying their best to show people the damages that humans are doing to nature and showing a clear image of what our future will be if we don’t change our behavior , but our approach is different.

Our plan

Nopolluting makes you love nature , care more about it and eventually try to protect it.
We discovered that One of the best ways that we can achieve this goal is through spreading awareness about the positive aspects of our nature and the Green ways that humans can benefit from it.

Our subjects

  • Environmental articles :

where you can learn more about nature and environment .

  • Virtual nature :

where you can imagine yourself being in nature .

  • Home plant food :

where you learn what kind of foods you can grow at home .

  • Vegan recipes :

where you learn how to make delicious vegan meals .

  • Vegan celebrities :

where you can learn more about celebrities who care more about the environment .

  • Endangered animals :

where you can learn more about which animals we are losing .
And etc .

We also need your help

Without your support our goals can not be achieved so We hope you enthuse us to work harder each day so that we all can have a part in making our planet a better place for future generations .

love and peace