About Us

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

Native American proverb 

History shows that a lot of Destruction and damage that humans are forcing on the planet can be significantly reduced by simply raising awareness about them.

For the past years, Nopolluting has been gathering the most important Environmental News and Reports from numerous scientists, reporters, and news outlets from all around the world to help our audience have a better image of how the planet is suffering by human activities.  

Exposure to too much information (relevant or irrelevant) is a new type of censorship that most Governments and corporations are using in order to hide their environmental impacts for the public. 

Separating the important information from the misleading ones has always been the main focus of Nopolluting in the fight for the planet. 

Your reports matter to us

Any concerned individual can simply take out the phone, take some pictures or videos and report any Environmental damage or pollution in their communities to us. 

We believe communication and cooperation play a huge role in holding corporations and governments accountable for the damage they are causing to our environment so it would be our pleasure to share your reports through our platforms and gain more attention for them. 

You can easily share your reports by tagging Nopolluting on any popular social media you use 

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Remember A good planet is very Hard to find...