What is biophilia and how does it effect our mental and physical health?

Biophilia is a hypothesis coined by doctor E.O Wilson that indicates the love and affection humans have towards natural world. in short words Biophilia is the reason why we love nature.

As the time goes by technology effects our lifestyle more and more and by relying on technology human beings get distant from nature each day. we live in populated areas, we drive to work by car, we spend too much time in doors and busy ourselves with phones and computers which leads to less and less time spent in the natural world. so what happens then?

Biophilia effects on mental health

Have you ever wondered why we feel so relaxed and calm by just sitting and watching a beautiful landscape in nature? It’s because whether we like to admit or not loving nature is in our blood. studied has shown that post operation patients heal 8% faster in rooms with a simple view of nature and 22% of those patients demand less pain killers than others.

A study by WHO organization has proven that distancing from nature can cause stress and depression for people. on the other hand adults who spend a minimum of two hours a week in the natural environment, have greater satisfaction and health condition, more spiritual and mental health.

In another study, offices that were designed based on Biophilia has shown 8% increase in productivity and 13% increase in creativity, for studying areas these numbers were rise up to 20-25% increase in learning. All of these studies only proves that connecting with nature improves our health, productivity and moral.


Biophilia and designing

In the recent years designers acknowledged the effect of Biophilia on mental health so a new field in designing was made based on Biophilia. in Biophilia designing the designer mixes the normal architecture approaches with natural environment. such as adding plants, maximum exposure to sunlight or building constructions in plain fields with natural views.

As it was mentioned in the article being in touch with nature increases our mental and physical health, so by living in a Biophilic designed home we will make this improvement more likely.

Bottom line

As humans we love nature and feel calm in it. this is the core meaning of Biophilia, so maybe not all of us have the opportunity to live in wild life or have a home with an amazing view of pure nature, but by simply adding some plants and flowers to our house or dedicating at least two hours of our time per week to explore the nature, can help us in so many ways. Give yourself some time to enjoy the beauties of the nature and see its wonderful effect on your life.

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