Taconic, a plastic company which was the reason of water pollution in Petersburg (a New York state town), agrees to pay residence $23Million for settlement.   

the company is being accused of polluting the resident’s drinking water with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) Which is a toxic manufacturing chemical.  

PFOA can Couse significant damages to human body such as testicular, kidney cancer and thyroid disease.

after 5 years, The settlement which was filed by 8 Complainants in state supreme court, is now waiting to be approved by a judge.

Tonoga which is the partner and owner of taconic plastics, agreed to the settlement and Based on times union (the publisher of the settlement), The company agreed to establish 3 funds :

1: to pay property owners who use town’s public water system

2: to pay those with private wells which were contaminated

3: to set up a 15-year medical monitoring program for individuals who had a certain level of PFOA detected in their blood.  

“It’s been a long time; I’m happy with the outcome,” said Connie Plouffe, a Petersburgh resident who was one of eight plaintiffs in the case. “It’s been quite the ride, emotionally, just trying to work through that whole process. There’s a lot of people in the town.  A lot of very concerned citizens. It was a town effort, for sure.” She added


Times union.com


Photo :  Lisa from pexels