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Why we should adopt animals and not buy?

Why we should adopt instead of buy?

If you are a pet lover and thinking about having one you have two choices in front of yourself, go to a pet store and BUY your pet or go to a shelter house and ADOPT your pet. the choice is all yours but before deciding read these facts and then decide!

Facts about adopting:

  1. You’ll save a life.
  2. You’ll get a great animal.
  3. It’ll cost you less.
  4. Because of the bragging rights.
  5.  It’s one way to fight puppy mills.
  6. Your home will thank you.
  7. All pets are good for your health, but adoptees offer an extra boost.
  8. Adoption helps more than just one animal.
  9. The Shelter Pet Project makes it easy.
  10. You’ll change a homeless animal’s whole world.
  11. You Can’t Buy Happiness, It Comes To You!
  12. You Will Indirectly NOT Be Supporting Animal Cruelty!
  13. You Get To Pick Your Own Companion
  14. Most Shelter Animals Are Already House -Trained!
  15. You Are An Environmentally Responsible Individual!
  16. You’ll Find A Permanent Best Friend!
  17. Millions Of Animals Are Eagerly Waiting!
  18. Kindness Makes You A Better Person!
  19. You Will Always Feel Proud For Having Saved A Life!

Here are beautiful angels before and after adoption:

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