The Marmara Sea is located in northwestern Turkey. It connects the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea and is one of the most important waterways in the world, providing a route for ships traveling to and from the Mediterranean Sea.


Sea snot problem in Turkey

 Unfortunately, From 2006 the Marmara Sea faces a serious mucilage (sea snot) problem, caused by excessive algae growth.

This algae not only clogs up waterways and creates navigational hazards, but also consumes large amounts of oxygen, leading to decreased water quality and marine life populations. 

The situation has gotten so bad that some conservationists are calling it a “Dead sea”

Mustafa Demir, the chair of the commission, said in an interview  “There are three main factors in the pollution of the Marmara Sea, Global warming, structural features of the sea and pollution.”

“If these problems are not prevented, the issue will grow. If we do not take measures, nothing positive can be said about the fate of the Marmara Sea,” he added.

What is sea snot made of?

sea snot in marmara - nopolluting
Mucilage is the overgrowth of microscopic algae called phytoplankton. (AA)

What is sea snot made of?

Sea snot is a term used to describe the organic matter that is found in the ocean. Believe it or not, this gooey substance is actually comprised of a variety of things, from fecal matter to algae.

This murky material can be made up of decomposed plants, animals, sewage, and chemical pollutants.

Warmer sea temperature caused by Climate change and water pollution can also increase the reproduction of sea snot.

is sea snot dangerous to humans?

Researchers are still trying to answer whether sea snot is dangerous to humans or not but Some believe that sea snot can release toxins that can harm people.

Also Some researchers believe sea snot can transport marine diseases to humans but it hasn’t been proven yet.  

Others say that it’s not harmful at all.

The obvious thing is by creating a layer which blocks sunlight and oxygen, sea snot is already destroying marine life for sure.

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