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Everyone wants to give their family the best;

whether that means the best food or the highest quality healthcare, every parent or guardian is looking to provide their children with the best of the best. When looking into products for families, it is important to consider all of the effects of the products used. Many of these products are sneaky and may use harsh or even toxic chemicals to make their product in the cheapest way possible, completely disregarding the safety and health of consumers.

Some buyers have done their research and have opted out of dangerous products and have chosen to use eco-friendly products, which benefit both the Earth and their families. Not knowing what goes into a product that a family uses regularly can be worrisome for many families, especially those with children. Many are currently stressing only buying eco-friendly products, but what are these products, and why are they the better option?

What “Eco-Friendly” Mean?

This term simply describes a product that is not harmful to the environment. However, it can get more complicated than that, as there are many factors of something that might be “harmful to the environment.” So many different things can negatively influence the environment, such as not using proper procedures when disposing of products. However, there are many benefits to using eco-friendly products that are not simply centered around the health and well-being of the Earth, but also the health and wellbeing of your family.

How To Tell If Something is Eco-friendly

Although many companies and their products promise to be eco-friendly, they can misconstrue their information, leaving consumers confused and often blindly buying their products. When shopping for eco-friendly products, look for:

  • Energy Star – for appliances and electronics that are energy saving
  • USDA Organic Seal – for cosmetics and foods that truly are organic
  • Green Seal – for cleaning products that are safe for the environment
  • Forest Stewardship Council Logo – for paper and wood products

If you do not see these seals or logos on your products, there is a good chance that they are not eco-friendly. To avoid accidentally buying products that are dangerous to both families and the Earth, check for these seals of approval and rest assured of the safety!

Lower Costs

Eco-friendly products may seem to be more expensive, but long-term they are more cost-efficient. Eco-friendly products tend to last much longer. These products are typically made from recycled materials and are sturdy, withstanding most drops, kicks, and dishwashers. Eco-friendly products may have a larger sticker price, but since they last longer, it is an investment that will pay off.

Healthier Lifestyle

Along with the eco-friendly benefits, there are also personal benefits that coincide with using all-natural products. Plastics, for example, are known to have BPA, lead, and other harmful chemicals that can cause many different illnesses and diseases in both children and adults. For adults, the risks include diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and reproductive system abnormalities. For children, it can cause premature puberty, diabetes, stunted growth, and autoimmune disorders. Eco-friendly, all-natural products ensure safety from all dangerous chemicals and allow families to avoid risky additives that can cause any of these issues. Using eco-friendly products improves the quality of life in terms of mortality, age, diseases, and illnesses. They ensure the safety of families and the planet.

Eco-Friendly Products

There are many different types of eco-friendly products. Each one ensures a quality product that is beneficial both to its users and the planet.

  • Clothing: There are a lot of companies that produce eco-friendly clothing. This clothing is typically made from recycled materials, which provide cost-efficient products to make an even better product! Most manufacturers also use the most environmentally sustainable manufacturing methods possible. They work hard to eliminate the use of dyes and minimize chemical, water, and energy use.
  • Reusable Coffee Cups: We all reach for a warm cup of joe in the morning, Unfortunately, that also means that each morning, we each use a different plastic cup (and usually a lid, too!). For people on-the-go, getting a reusable coffee cup could be the difference, not only in how much plastic is used, but how much money is invested in these cups. The savings are huge for both the wallet and the environment.
  • Recycled Toilet Paper: This is not as weird as it sounds! Recycled toilet paper is a great alternative to simply buying non-organic toilet paper. It is typically cheaper than the regular kind and is available from most stores. Especially if there is a young person who tends to use a little too much toilet paper, this product is great to give back to the environment.
  • Reusable Bags: We have all used super-market plastic bags to fill our tiny trash cans or place in our cars to collect the random straw wrappers. However, there are other ways to reuse plastic bags. Many companies offer recycled plastic products, such as reusable sandwich bags, shopping bags, and recycled trash bags.
  • House Décor: A lot of businesses are beginning to create eco-friendly home décor that encourages all-natural decorations. Some of the most practical (and stylish!) options for all-natural home décor are:
  • Shower Curtains
  • Rugs
  • Towels
  • Blinds
  • Clocks
  • Cooking Essentials
  • Cup ware
  • Silverware
  • Bedding
  • Dishware
  • Cleaning Products: Some of the most important places to invest in “going green” is in the cleaning department. Harsh chemicals such as bleach, antibacterial soap, and all-purpose cleaner are all risky products to use inside and outside the home. These chemicals are not only bad for the environment, but they are also bad for the people in the home since most of them are toxic or can cause illnesses or sicknesses. There are tons of better, sustainable options for cleaners, such as using probiotic cleaners, which are eco-friendly and non-risky. These products can get the home just as clean, without eliminating the good bacteria that stick around to help the family’s immunity!
  • Eco-Friendly Technology: In this day and age, electronics make up most of our lives. From televisions to cell phones, our lives revolve around technology. However, these products require charging, which uses a lot of electricity and can raise the electric bill, or they require batteries, which can be just as bad. These progressive products are hurting our planet (and your wallet!). Instead, turn to eco-friendly technology, such as low-light laptops and televisions, which do not shine as bright, but still provide excellent picture and color. Another option is to change out light bulbs for lower watt bulbs or change them to eco-friendly bulbs in general. All of this will both benefit the family and our planet!
  • Recycled Toys: A lot of companies have taken the initiative to produce eco-friendly toys and games for children. These toys are often made from recycled material and from plastics that do not contain any dangerous chemicals. These toys are much safer for families, as they do not pose any chemical-related risks to children. They also tend to be more cost-efficient because they last longer than other toys. These toys eliminate the risks associated with plastics (which is great, because many plastic toys will end up in someone’s mouth at some point) so the family can rest assured of the safety of the child.
  • Accessories: Style and personal expression being very important to younger generations. Eco-friendly and recycled accessories are a great way to save money, the planet, and save them from boredom. Lots of cool, eco-friendly products are specifically tailored to the younger generations, including rings, sunglasses, jewelry, hair accessories, and more. Even makeup and beauty products are getting a “makeover” to be more eco-friendly and safer for use.

Using Eco-Friendly Products to Help the Planet

Overall, these products are cutting edge, modern, and will often save you money and allow you to avoid wastefulness, but they are more than just good for you. In today’s world, the planet needs our help. Our abuse and misuse of resources have put the planet in a difficult predicament, and we are the only ones that can stop the detriment. While it can be difficult to make a huge difference as one person, conserving resources and using eco-friendly products is a great way for each person to participate in the preservation of our planet and ecosystem.

By using eco-friendly products, each person is contributing to the safety and preservation of the resources provided from the planet, such as metals, plastics, and even water. If more people use eco-friendly products, the cost of other products will go down, and it would benefit all inhabitants, humans, and animals.

To conserve the beauty, resources, and habitability of the planet, it is important that our everyday decisions positively affect the planet. That is where eco-friendly products come in. They are both good for families and the planet, and eco-friendly products provide consumers with the option to choose responsibility for frivolity. Eco-friendly products are both good for the environment and safer for consumers! They are the smart choice for families everywhere