Britain’s prime minister Rishi Sunak is expected to announce a major new gas deal with the US to ease the impact of the energy crisis.

According to reports by telegraph, the talks are in their final stages about the deal, which would entail the US selling billions of cubic meters of liquefied natural gas over the coming year.

Several current and former government officials told The Telegraph the UK is hoping to import around 10 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas from the United States.

An announcement is expected after the Cop27 summit in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

As Sunak calls for action to tackle climate change while importing fossil fuels, he leaves himself open to Labour attacks.

Yet the UK’s strategy is considered crucial to preventing this winter’s blackouts and ensuring energy security.

About 85% of UK homes are heated by gas, and 40% of the country’s electricity is generated by gas.

Upon Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, UK ministers have tried to make that the UK is becoming more energy independent and is moving away from Russian-linked oil and gas imports.

As they call the deal “Energy security partnership”, the deal will also focus on renewables, as well as commitments to develop nuclear power projects in the future.

Photo: Leon Neal / Reuters