In a powerful and direct address, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres criticized fossil fuel companies for betraying future generations and impeding efforts to combat climate change.

Guterres denounced the industry’s recent profit gains and called for a swift shift towards clean energy.

Guterres Accuses Fossil Fuel Companies of Undermining Climate Efforts:

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres launched a scathing attack on fossil fuel companies, accusing them of disregarding the well-being of future generations.

Guterres emphasized the industry’s immense profits, which reached a record $4 trillion in net income last year.

The Secretary-General revealed that a mere 4 cents of every dollar spent by fossil fuel companies were allocated to clean energy and carbon capture combined.

Challenging the Idea of Continued Oil and Gas Production:

Fossil fuel companies have suggested that they can continue production if they find ways to capture carbon emissions, a notion rejected by experts as complex and costly.

Guterres dismissed this proposal, asserting that the problem lies not just in emissions but in fossil fuels themselves.

The Controversy Surrounding Sultan al-Jaber’s Role in COP28:

Sultan al-Jaber, an official from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), who is closely tied to the fossil fuel industry, has faced criticism for his appointment to lead the COP28 climate talks.

While Guterres did not explicitly criticize al-Jaber, his comments hinted at the need for separation between fossil fuel interests and climate negotiations.

Transparency Measures to Curb Fossil Fuel Influence:

The United Nations climate office announced that delegates attending the COP28 summit will be required to disclose their affiliations, aiming to limit undue influence by fossil fuel companies and other entities.

Civil society groups welcomed this decision and urged participants to disclose the funding sources for their attendance, ensuring further transparency.

Urgent Actions and Policy Recommendations:

Guterres called on governments to commit to phasing out coal, the most polluting fossil fuel, by 2030, with other countries following suit by 2040.

Governments should redirect subsidies from fossil fuels to clean energy projects, halt funding and licensing for new oil and gas ventures, and implement carbon pricing.

The Secretary-General also urged financial institutions to cease funding fossil fuel projects and to continue supporting progress despite opposition.

The world must unite before it’s too late:

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’s passionate condemnation of the fossil fuel industry highlights the urgent need for a transition to clean energy.

As the world faces the dire consequences of climate change, Guterres calls on governments, financial institutions, and civil society to take decisive action to protect future generations.

The COP28 summit in Dubai will play a critical role in addressing these concerns, with transparency measures being implemented to ensure the integrity of the negotiations.

The world must unite and embrace sustainable solutions to secure a livable future for all.