An unusually high temperature of 30 Celsius (86F) a day earlier caused vegetation to become dry fuel for wildfires in northern Spain on Friday. The unpredictable weather patterns in Europe have raised many concerns about the future.

According to regional emergency services, about 40 fires were reported in the Basque Country, Asturias, and Cantabria.

On Thursday, the Spanish National Weather Agency AEMET predicted that this October could be the hottest since records began and that all days, except Oct. 1, had been warmer than usual.

Basque weather agency Euskalmet on Thursday raised the wildfire risk in the region to moderate and high, depending on the area.

“We have an orange alert today, Saturday and Sunday are also expected to have an orange alert for forest fires,” firefighter Jon Sanchez told Reuters as he took a break from battling the blaze in Sopela, in the Basque province of Biscay.