Jessica Chastain, the Oscar nominated actress who has been vegan for more than 12 years.

Jessica Chastain has been a vegan and animal activist for over 12 years, her story of turning vegan is quite interesting and her acts after being vegan is even more fascinating. Here’s how she became a vegan and things she’s done ever since!

How Jessica Chastain became a vegan:

She used to be a pescatarian most of her life but as she said herself she wasn’t energetic on those days. On one lucky day her friend ordered a 2week plant-based program but she did not want to use it so Jessica used that instead, she felt amazing in this two week further more she decided to listen to her body and go full vegan, because he was so energetic and she has never felt this good ever. In her journey she started posting vegan recipes on her Instagram account and shared her amazing life style with her fans!

In an interview with vogue-Paris she and her co-star Sophie turner  went to a restaurant and she said to the waitress that she is a vegan and Sophie started asking some interesting questions. Here’s the video:

Jessica Chastain uses only cruelty-free products for her red carpets

Although there are no further explanation on how she does that but it can mean that she uses make up products that are not tested on animals, refuses to wear fur or leather and hopefully  she might start re-wearing her old clothes on some red carpets to encourage her fans to stop shopping more than they need and try to increase the fashion industries’ pollution.

She is also an animal lover and she’s starting adopting every animal she’s ever had!


She has problems too as a vegan

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel she admitted that her husband’s family might hate her because she is vegan. she told the story of her holidays in Italy and she faced so many difficulties as an American-vegan person!

This is her telling the story!