As a new vegan it is absolutely normal to miss non-vegan meals like Bolognese pasta, burgers or fried chicken. But there are simple vegan replacements for everything. In this article we are going to help you veganize most foods that you love!

here are great vegan replacements: 

1.Red lentils

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Red lentils is by far the most helpful legume in veganizing every meal! Why? because it gives every food a great texture like minced beef, its flavor is not as strong as green lentils and it is full of great nutritions.

Do you want to make pasta Bolognese without meat? Just simply add washed red lentils and make your Bolognese. or do you want to a cook a nutritious soup? add red lentils and mix the soup. even if you are short on time you can make the fastest hummus ever with red lentils. 

2.Ripe bananas


Ripe bananas are great replacement for eggs in sweet meals like cakes, pancakes, muffins, ice cream and so many more! 

Don’t forget to freeze your bananas and use them in your smoothies, or make a super delicious nice-cream!

3.Beans, beans and beans


Not only beans(legumes) are great sources of vitamins, protein and minerals they are also life saving. For foods that have a firm texture like tuna, meatball or burgers beans are great replacement for meat. just replace cooked, drained and smashed beans with meat in your recipe and you’ll have a vegan meal instead. Don’t be afraid of what might the result be, get brave and creative. in a few attempts you will completely master it! Just remember if your mixture was not firm enough add some flour, there’s nothing that a little bit of flour can’t fix.

4.Agave syrup


As you know vegans don’t eat honey, but what if you want to sweeten your coffee or smoothie without adding refined sugar? here comes our beloved agave syrup. you can simply add agave syrup to your nice cream, jam, tea, coffee or even cakes. Agave syrup is 100% plant-based and suitable for all sweet servings.

5.Nutritional yeast


Cheese! who misses cheese since becoming a vegan? We know the feeling too, but there’s a great plant-based replacement for cheese flavor and that’s nutritional yeast. You can simply buy it from amazon.

You can add nutritional yeast to your vegan pasta and give it an awesome taste of parmesan or if you want to make your own vegan cheese don’t forget adding nutritional yeast!

Nutritional yeast is low in calories and filled up with lots of vitamins like B1,B2,B6 and B12. 


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Mushrooms are kind of our favorite, because there are so many types of mushrooms with different texture and flavors, also mushrooms are very low in calories and high in protein. And about the taste of mushroom! mushrooms make everything super delicious. If you are out of ideas or you think your food is bland just add some fried mushrooms to your recipe and there you go, you have a delicious meal on your plate. or you can cook some vegan beef stroganoff or vegan fried chicken.

The bottom line

These are only a few suggestions that could make your non-vegan meals to vegan-meals, don’t be afraid of changing things to the way that suits you. At the end it is only a meal and you might not be a cook but you will figure it out. Just do it an it will change your world!