10 reasons why zoos must be banned


“Zoos are prisons for animals, camouflaging their cruelty with conservation claims,”


Here are the reasons that we should put an end to the zoos:

  1. Animals rely too much on humans and if they are released to the nature again they can not take care of themselves so they will end up dead.
  2. Animals suffer tremendously both physical and emotional in the zoos , because they are not in their natural habitats. emotional symptoms are depression , running or walking in circles , not mating and refuse to eat.
  3. Zoos are dangerous for humans too. because animals get angry and aggressive in cages and in some cases animals attacked their trainers or their keepers.
  4. “Only 15% of the thousands of species held in zoos are considered ‘threatened’,” says Will Travers OBE, president of Born Free. “
  5. Breeding programs are not just to keep the number of species up, it is for attracting more visitors because of baby animals.
  6. Animals must be able to run , hunt and mate in the most natural ways, no zoo can give them the ability to live their most natural way that they were created to live.
  7. On the issue of space, the average lion or tiger has 18,000 times less in captivity than it does in the wild; polar bears a million times less.
  8.  In 2008, a government-funded study in the UK discovered there was a welfare concern over every elephant in the country; 75 percent of them were overweight, and only 16 percent could walk normally.
  9. African elephants also live three times longer in the wild than they do in captivity, and 40 percent of lion cubs die in zoos, compared with 30 percent in the wild.
  10. A study in 2014 by EAZA (the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) reveals that about 3.000 to 5.000 healthy animals were killed across the Europe .


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