Dairies are not only good for your health but also puts it in danger

We have all grown up and told by our parents that we should drink that three glasses of milk every day or have that cheese on our plate in order to get stronger, healthier and have stronger bones. but after all this time researches have proven that dairy does not do such things and on the contrary it harms our body in so many ways, how?

Saturated fat and sodium

Most of dairy products contain high levels of saturated fat, cholesterol and LDL(the bad fat). this saturated fat leads to obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer. A study has shown that only one cup of whole milk contains 1/4 of recommended daily saturated fat ,and cheese has even more saturated fat than milk.

Cheese is even worse than milk, because not only it is filled up with cholesterol but also has tons of sodium. cheese has 400 mg of sodium per ounce and the recommended daily dose for sodium is 2,400 mg. imagine having a pizza for lunch, a medium sized pizza contains 6-7 ounces of cheese, that means only the cheese of a pizza has all the sodium you need for a day.

Bone fractures

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Yes you just read that right. There is no evidence that links dairy to bone health, according to researches on over 350,000 people there was no sign of high volume milk intake and bone health.

How ever peta organization stated that the calcium in milk and dairy will produce acid in our blood so in order for the body to neutralize and purify the blood it needs calcium.  the body will use the calcium in our bones to flush out the acid in our system, so what does this mean?

We drink milk to have stronger bones but the milk itself will cause our body to suck out what ever calcium there is in our bones. so long and high intake of dairy will not only strengthen our bones but also leads to Osteoporosis.

Lactose intolerance and inflammation

More than 50% of the world population have lactose intolerance that causes different  allergies and inflammation. have you ever asked why? because cow’s milk is made for baby cows and not humans. infants and children have the enzyme to break down the lactose in their mother’s milk but as we grow up most of us lose this ability so we became lactose intolerance.

Some people are allergic to milk and dairy and the symptoms are vomiting or anaphylaxis that usually happens to young children.

Breast and prostate cancer

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We all know that milk contains high volume of fat, calcium and hormones, as mentioned above these factors harm our body in different ways, one of them is increasing chances of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. Different studies has shown patients diagnosed with these two types of cancer have had 3servings of whole milk and fatty cheese in their daily meals.

Consuming high fat dairy products increase the chance of breast and prostate cancer up to 50% according to studies by National Cancer Institute and The Life After Cancer Epidemiology.

How ever there is no evidence linking soy milk to cancer and on the other hand in some cases it has shown that consuming soy milk decreases cancer chances but more researches needs to be done.

conclusion :

Despite what we were told as children that milk and cheese are good for our health, it actually harms the body from top to bottom. So what should we do? the good news is there are plenty of plant-based replacements for all types of dairy, from milk to cream and yogurt. these plant based non-dairy products not only do not harm the body but also are super nutritious and improve your general health.

Always keep this in mind , based on hundreds of researches One of the best ways to stay healthy is to go vegan. If you don’t know what veganism is , you can easily take a look at our veganism section where we try to explain what veganism is and how can it make your life better so make sure you check them out !

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