what is the immune system? and how it is related to a vegan diet?

First of all, we need to know what is our immune system. our immune system is our body’s defense system against diseases, bacteria, toxins, viruses, and whatever that can harm our body.
There are some factors that can improve our immune systems such as daily activities, good quality sleep, and a healthy diet. in this article, we are going to focus on the nutrition aspect of our immune system.

Veganism and the immune system

We all know in the case of flu we should have tons of orange and lemon juice. yes in sickness

we return to mother nature and have fruits, but why? because they contain great nutrition such as vitamin c and lots of fiber.

As we all know vegan diet contains all types of greeny leaves, fruits, nuts, and legumes which all are filled with macro and micro nutrition with no saturated fat, extra salt, or refined sugar. all these factors strengthen our immune system cause our body does not waste its energy fighting against the regular things that we eat and it can focus on external factors.


Important factors in the vegan diet that improve the immune system

Based on different experiments on volunteers around the world having specific nutrition in your diet strengthen your immune systems such as vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D E, fatty acids like EPA and ALA alone side of elements such as zinc, iron, selenium magnesium, and copper has a major impact on your immune system and as it happens vegan diet contains all of these nutritions and the only thing you need to di is having a balanced diet so you can get all these nutritions from. but just in case to be sure you can add some B12 and plant-based omega 3 supplements to your diet.


The bottom line

A vegan diet can be the healthiest diet ever existed. just we have to keep an eye on the things that our body needs and should find the plant-based source for it. In a conclusion, because the vegan diet is so healthy and we can get all the important nutrients from it without harming our body, our body will be in a good and healthy state and a healthy body has a strong immune system. so yes vegan diet can improve your health and immune system.

stay healthy and safe.

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