You might think about going vegan but you don’t know how to begin. we are here to help

As a non-vegan or non-vegetarian you might get confused about how to start ditching meat and dairy. Or it might be hard for you to let go of your daily habits, in this article we give you simple steps on how to turn to a vegan.

1. Watch documentaries


There are more than 45 documentaries about veganism that covers different aspects of going vegan, such as animal cruelty in the meat and dairy industry, health benefits of veganism, and the impact veganism has on our environment.

These documentaries will help you realize that you are making not only a logical choice but also making a choice out of kindness.

Sometimes you might ask yourself why should I cut out these foods? They are delicious and I have been eating them since birth, with these documentaries, you will find your answers.

Some of these documentaries are:

  1. Cowspiracy
  2. What the health
  3. Earthlings
  4. Forks over knives
  5. Maximum Tolerated Dose
  6. Dominion
  7. The game changers
  8. Vegucated
  9. Blackfish
  10. The big fat lie

2. Cut out red meat for good

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Researches have shown that red meat is one of the main reasons for heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer, and premature death.

Although red meat has a great amount of protein, B12, Zinc, and iron it is crystal clear that you can get all these nutrients from a plant-based diet.

please have in mind that no kinds of red meat are healthier than others( according to researches at Harvard University)

In general, it is recommended to have red meat in your diet a maximum of three times a week, but if you are taking a path towards a plant-based diet you can easily eliminate this meal form your weekly diet for two reasons:

  1. It is absolutely not good for your health
  2. You are about to have a great impact on the environment.

So it is not that hard to eliminate one single thing from your life.

3. Have a cheat day/meal once in a while


As an ex-meat-eater, it is absolutely normal to miss eating meat, chicken, fish, or dairy. don’t feel guilty about it, go ahead and help yourself. if you completely eliminate these out of your diet at the beginning you might give up easily. But if you know the possibility of eating something you like once in a while you won’t give up so soon. So you can give yourself a cheat day in a week for a day that you MIGHT want to eat meat or other things, but this does not mean that you can cheat always, keep that in mind that you must cut them out gradually.

The thing to consider in your cheat day:

  1. Have it just a meal and not a full day.
  2. Although it’s a cheat day, still keep it veggie oriented.
  3. Plan it from before. e.g think about what you desire the most and have that.
  4. Keep it for special ocasions like valentine’s day or your friend’s birthday.

4.Study your food


As a beginner, you need to study the food you can and can’t eat. also, you need to find out where to get your nutrition from. In a plant-based diet, there are some nutritions that may be hard to have in your meals so you need to take PLANT-BASED supplements for them. such as omega 3.

At first, you might be confused about not knowing your food possibilities, so try to find out so many amazing vegan recipes, vegan restaurants, and online vegan communities. 

5.Find your goal

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As a person who is taking a huge step in his life and make a big difference in his diet, you need to be determined. In order to do so, you need to find the reason you are going vegan. There are some considerable reasons for going vegan:

  1. You are against animal cruelty
  2. You want to have a healthier lifestyle
  3. You are concerned about climate change.
  4. You want to try a new thing in your life.
  5. You want to get slim and fit.
  6. You are taking a step against world hunger.
  7. You just realized that you don’t need animals to survive.

Keep that in mind, any reason you chose, study well about it for two reasons. first, whenever you had a doubt that why you started this, you will realize why you began in the first place. second, you will be prepared for any question that non-vegans may ask you in the future. trust me you need to be prepared because they’ll ask!

Bottom line

Going vegan is not as hard as everyone thinks. once you start you will feel so amazing that you start encouraging others to join you on this journey as well. remember you are doing this because in your heart you know killing a living being just for pleasure is wrong and cruel.

love and peace.

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